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Meet the CEO of A. Blum Localization Services - Monthly Palo Alto SEO Meetups

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Feb. 24th at 5:30pm

Join us! We aim to make new friends, share a few drinks and talk about the things we do well.



Downtown Palo Alto.
Local restaurant *

"​Everything that you do to improve your SEO should push towards LONGER average user visits."
​ - Ardan Michael Blum, CEO.


  • How to use the Google Search Console to "Fetch as Google tool", tweak Robots.txt and submit XML.
  • ​How to validate HTML and CSS code as best as possible on W3C and WHY this is important.
  • Discuss how to use metadata in PDF files (vital for being an authority on your chosen topic).
  • We focus on new high quality content creation (with sub-domains, glossary and/or blogs). 
  • We examine site speed and the use of a CDN and .
  • The importance of using high-quality outbound links.
  • We seek out ways to embed into our client's sites social media feeds. 
  • We look at "ALT" and "TITLE" tags in images.
  • We talk about ADA - See the article: Plain Text Mirror Image Sites for ADA
  • We see how large files and images can be reduced in size for faster site load time.
  • We use infographics to embed links to client sites from news sites. 
  • We watch with attention stat logs for negative SEO attacks. 
  • We discuss the importance of using canonical meta tags. ​
  • And more topics are presented at our monthly downtown Palo Alto SEO meetup!

    * Reservation up to 48 hours prior to event. ​

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At A. Blum Localization Services we provide made in Palo Alto SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ORM (Online Reputation Management), Internet Marketing, regional web content creation, and translation services; helping to establish brand recognition globally.​​​​​