We start our meetup with drinks and food.

-Presentation of A. Blum Localization Services. 
-Real time creation of a blog post to achieve top 10 ranking (results generally appear in minutes)

-Discussion about WHAT to avoid when it comes to SEO and WHAT is essential

-We will then (depending on time) look at source code validation tools.

-Another round of drinks and the evening is yours.

We encourage all participants to be familiar with Basic SEO:

Note: One of the most important keys to ranking well is to expand your quality content on a regular basis. This implies not only the WORDS you write but also the outbound links that you choose (those that act as either confirmation, validation and/or continuation of the content you write). Adding new, high quality outbound links to an already posted blog post and updating a web site to add time-sensitive news is vital. The time that a visitor spends on your pages is vital.

Everything that you do to improve your SEO should be working towards LONGER average user visits. Aim for at least 4 minutes for a new user and do so by using good navigation, nice design and showing LOVE for your content. Of all of the above steps the only one which, in my view, really matters is maximizing TIME SPENT by users on your site which is a sign that your site is an AUTHORITY on the topic the visitor searched for! 

Another aspect to lasting, organic top 10 results is making certain to tweak some of the smaller but often essential areas:

We can help you to expand abroad & increase your global client base!

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We can help you to expand abroad & increase your client base! Call: 650 427-9358 for a site audit!


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