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One of the most important aspects of good ranking is to expand quality content on a regular basis. This implies not only the WORDS you write but as well the outbound links you choose (those that act as either confirmation, validation and/or continuation of the content you write. Adding to an already posted blog new quality outbound links and updating a web site to add time-related news is vital.

There is a very close connection between the TIME which a user spends on a site and the ranking of your page(s). This is no doubt based in part on the assumption made by search engines that if people spend time on a given site they are getting something they seek. Hence TRUST is built by the LOVE you put into your work. In my made Palo Alto SEO blog you will find a dedicated page: TIME AS A RANKING FACTOR.

Another aspect to lasting, organic top 5 results is making certain to tweak some of the smaller but often essential areas:

1) Set up Google Search Console so as to use the "Fetch as Google tool", share the location of your xml sitemap(s), and set your robots.txt tags!

2) See my post SEO BASICS – PART 3: about "CAPTIONING". 

3) (Re)Discover SEO NEWS with Rusty Brick.

4) Sloooooowly re-read your source code for errors. 

5) Validate your code as best is possible on W3C or with another tool.

6) Validate your CSS!

7) Tag meta data for PDF files.

And see more tips > Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide

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SEO Meetups are generally events where people unfamiliar with organic ranking get together. As we are located in the heart of Silicon Valley - a few miles from where "Google Search" was invented - we assume that a large number of participants to our monthly Palo Alto SEO events will be well versed in the basics and may find it tedious to have to get briefed on HOW to set up correctly a free business listing on Google My Business (to start achieve visibility in Google Maps and Google Search) and/or the importance to produce quality, original, devoted and AUTHORITY CONTENT about the theme (or keyword phrase) you want to appear well ranked. Know that Google FEELS LOVE given to online content! That ... If you share passion for what you do (with updates to old pages/posts and expanding, related, social media creation) your ranking will hold over time! There is though an important secret to "sharing passion". It is to AVOID burning out. Pre-program future content. Do not post too much at a single time. Make your site expand OVER TIME (example: 2 pages per month of unique, new information about your niche market or niche topic).

Again, when it comes to long term success in SEO: Your aim is not content expansion alone; YOUR REAL OBJECTIVE IS TO BECOME AN AUTHORITY for the keywords you have chosen. 

Our events are divided into two parts, as described now:


We start our meetup with drinks and 20 minutes of  "Things to do" (based in part on this page about basic SEO).


A) Presentation of A. Blum Localization Services. 

B) Demonstration of how a blog post on a well trusted site will rank in the top 5 within minutes.

C) Question time.

Our event ends generally towards 9 PM (giving time for people to get to know each other and enjoy free of charge pizza and up to 3 free drinks).

Note: We ask that you consider bringing a computer or a tablet which is pre-connected to the web via a data connection.