Since June of 2016, A. Blum Localization Services is situated in downtown Palo Alto, California; quite literally within the epicenter of Silicon Valley. ​Discover how we rank our clients with multiple top ten results globally! Visit our Official Site.

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Ardan Michael Blum, CEO at A. Blum Localization Services Palo Alto

TIME TO Make new geek friends and chat into the early evening in the heart of Silicon Valley!

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Ardan Michael Blum
​- Meetup organizer.

May 26th at 5:30pm


Downtown Palo Alto.
Local restaurant *

Palo Alto SEO Company Meetup Information

Palo Alto SEO Company Meetup Information By Phone: 650 427-9358

Make new friends and chat into the early evening about SEO!

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Sampling Our Palo Alto SEO Company's Event Topics:

  • How to use the Google Search Console to "Fetch as Google tool", tweak Robots.txt and submit XML.

  • ​How to validate HTML and CSS code as best as possible on W3C and WHY this is important.

  • Discuss how to use metadata in PDF files (vital for being an authority on your chosen topic).

  • We focus on new high quality content creation (with sub-domains, glossary and/or blogs). 

  • We examine site speed and the use of a CDN.

  • The importance of using high-quality outbound links.

  • We look at image descriptions: "ALT" and "TITLE" tags.

  • We see how large files and images can be reduced in size for faster site load time.

  • ​And more!! Join our Ardan Michael Blum for our Palo Alto SEO Company's next Meetup!  

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* Reservation up to 48 hours prior to the event. Group is limited to 20 people.