Santa Clara County COVID-19 Stories

Has your life changed completely or partially, have you learnt new things, discovered new things about yourself, found new ways to relate to family and friends from within lockdown?

How are you getting through these hard times? Contribute to Santa Clara County's Documenting COVID-19 Collection at the Los Altos History Museum!

By sharing your stories and experiences during this global pandemic, you can help chronicle the impact of COVID-19 in Santa Clara County for future generations. This collection is currently digitally archived at Los Altos History Museum.

Here are some tips to help you (suggested by your webmaster, Ardan Michael Blum) share your present experience:

First of all, get a good cup of coffee. And turn on some music that you love. Turn off or move to another part of your home your phone. Take a deep yoga-like stretch and seek an inner moment of peace. Now on a large sheet of white paper why not create a mind-map.

At the center: "You and Covid". Then branching out other smaller circles filled with headings such as "Covid's impact on relationships", "Covid's impact on my awareness and acceptance of the value of life, the wonder of love and caring", and many more similar such circles in the mind map with "Covid's impact on ___ ".

Now start to fill the circles with details, one-word abbreviations, and/notes.

Here now are some sample oral history questions which may also help your process of sharing:

• How long have you lived in Santa Clara County?

• Do you work in Santa Clara County?

• What is your life story?

• What do you do?

• How do you see the future?

• Have your hopes and dreams changed greatly since the start of the lockdown?

• How has your work been impacted?

• Are you working from home?

• Did you work from home ever before?

• Does video conferencing seem an effective form of communication?

• Do you use the video conference or the phone with more ease?

• Do you relate to family (since the start of the lockdown) in new ways?

• What is the chief way that the pandemic has impacted your life?

• Do you wear a mask outside?

• Do you follow guidance on hand washing?

• Are you "social distancing"?

• Have you found comfort from relating to people on social media?

• Are you watching more educational videos or films?

• Are you reading more than you did before the start of the Covid-19 spread?

• How are you coping with solitude?

• Are you seeing yourself eat more? Drink more?

• Have you had strange dreams?

• Are you at times overwhelmed with fear?

• Are feeling an overdose of news?

• Do you have friends or family who were sick?

• Did you fall ill?

• Are you planning to get tested for the virus?

• How do you feel about the Santa Clara lockdown rules?

• How do you feel about Donald Trump's management of the crisis?

• How do you feel about the statements from Dr. Fauci and others?

• Do you pay attention to reports of possible cures?

• Do you believe that this virus is changing for the long-term life?

• Are you helping in some way others?

• Do you own pets? How has your caring for them changed?

• Do you have a close friend or friends that have an unusual or shocking experience?

• Does your routine pre-Covid and today dramatically differ?

• What is the freedom you miss most?

Now think of the best way to share these impressions:

The format (audio, text, video - Word, pdf, tiff, jpeg, mp3, wav, or mp4) is up to you.

For more information on this collection or how you can contribute, please contact Dr. Amy Ellison, Exhibition Curator, and/or Dianne Shen, Collections Strategist at the Los Altos History Museum.

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