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The Tower of Babel

Zoom-in / high resolution views of the amazing painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Note the reverence of the workers for the king. As the Biblical tale goes Nimrod was a great-grandson of Noah. He was a selfish character who forgot their creator and wanted glory for himself. In the end, his dream of a huge tower would fail. We read in Genesis that indecision spread as God caused the people to speak different languages, instead of just one. No longer could the builders understand one another! This is why their city came to be called "Babel" which we translate as "confusion".

Quick Facts

Date Created: 1563

Original Title: Toren van Babel

About Pieter Bruegel, the Elder

About the two versions of this painting

[Second version:]

See a Google Arts & Culture page about the second version


Povenance: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

About the painting



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