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William Eggleston - Eye Colored by Unique Passion

William Eggleston (biography) is responsible for a radical shift in the art world. He can be credited for turning color photography into an accepted form of art!

" I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around, that nothing was more or less important." - William Eggleston

In the following BBC documentary we discover the magic of Eggleston's image composition which he admits has been greatly influenced by Henri Cartier Bresson's work.

Most striking is the calm, hypnotic and flowing voice of the artist:

He speaks of always taking ONE picture per subject (not two or more).

He speaks of never taking things for granted, of how all space works* and counts!

And shares how "nothing becomes weirdly amazing" ...

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Stranded in Canton

In 1973, photographer - influenced by his friend Andy Warhol to use the new Sony PortaPak he went off documenting the soul of Memphis and New Orleans:


Further reading/viewing:

* The Red Ceiling is one of the best-known works by William Eggleston. It is also known as "Greenwood, Mississippi, 1973" after the location and year it was taken. See full frame view